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Copper 3" HeadPins C32014 Pk 12
Copper 3" Head Pin .025"/.65mm/22ga Package of 12


Copper Bead Caps 13mm C20093
Copper Bali Style Bead Cap 13mm; Hole: 2.15mm Sold per Each


Copper Bead Caps 7mm C20099
Copper Bali Style Swirl Bead Cap 7mm (sizes may vary from 6.5 - 7mm); Hole: 1.5 - 2mm Package of 10


Copper Bead Caps 8mm C20092
Copper Bali Style Bead Cap 8mm; Hole: 1.5mm Package of 5


Copper Bead Caps 8mm C20103
Copper Bali Style Bead Cap 8mm, Pkg of 10


Copper Bead Caps 9.3mm C20144
Copper Bali Style Bead Cap 9.3mm, Pkg of 10


Copper Bead Caps 9mm C20134
Copper Bali Style Bead Cap 9mm, Pkg of 5


Copper Bead Tips C20124
Copper Fold-over Clamshell Bead Tips- Approximately 3mm cup with 1mm hole, Sold per Pkg. of 10 (Designed to hide your knot. Fold & press tthe halves together for it to look like a bead)


Copper Beads 11.5mm C20024 pk 5
Copper Bali Style Flower Spacer/Bead Approximately 11.5mm; Hole: 1.5mm Pkg of 5


Copper Chain Clasp 2.4mm C20151
Solid Copper Ball-Chain Connector Clasps (small) 2.4mm; Fits 1.8mm-2.4mm Ball Chain, Sold individually (Hooks both ends of chain together to make necklace.)


Copper Coil Spacers 7mm C20088
Bali Style Copper Coiled Wire Spacer Beads Antiqued Finish 7mm across x 2mm thick; Hole diameter: 2.8mm Pk of 10


Copper Crimp .024 C32043 Pk 10
Ultraplate Antique Copper Twisted Tornado Crimp use up to 0.24 wire, pkg of 10


Copper Crimp Cover 4mm C20174
Copper Crimp Cover (Open) 4mm, Pkg of 10


Copper Crimp, Brite C32011
Brite Copper Crimp Beads #9 pkg of 50


Copper Earwires C32100 Pk 12
Copper Earwires Pkg of 12


Copper Earwires C20125 5 pr.
French Hook Ear wires (Two-tone) Surgical Stainless Steel/Copper Plated 22 gauge; 4mm outer loop & 3mm inner diameter loop, Pkg. of 5 Pairs


Copper Headpins 2 in C20159
Solid-Copper Thin Headpins 2" (51mm), 0.025" diameter (22 guage/0.635mm), Sold per Pkg. of 5 Pairs


Copper Headpins 3 inch C20102
Copper Bali Style Headpins 3 inch, Pair


Copper Hook & Eye Clasp C20006
Copper Bali Style Hook & Eye Clasp 34.7mm, Set


Copper Jump Ring 6mm C21122
Copper Jump Ring 6mm Closed, Package of 10


Copper Jump Rings 8mm C21197
Copper Jump Rings, 8mm Rnd, Heavy, Prox 16g, pkg of 10


Copper Jump Rings 5mm C20090
Bright Copper Closed Jump Rings 5mm - Outside Diameter; Heavy (18 Gauge/.040 inch), Pkg of 25


Copper Jump Rings Oval C20112
Copper Closed Oval Jump Rings 5.2x4.4mm, Pkg of 10


Copper Jump Rings, 7.8mm C21198
Copper Jump Ring, Brass Antiqued Copper Plated 7.8mm Locking, Each


Copper Rondells 5.7mm C20041
Copper Bali Style Rondell 5.7mm; Hole: 1.8mm Package of 10


Copper Rondells 7.6mm C20138
Copper Bali Style Rondell 7.6mm, Pkg of 10


Copper Rondells 9.3mm C20063
Copper Bali Style Rondell 9.3mm; Hole: 1 - 1.5mm Sold per Each


Copper Wire Guards C20123 Pk 10
Copper Plated Wire Guardian Protectors - Approximately 4x4.5x1.2mm (0.6mm inner diameter, open along the curve), Sold per Pkg. of 10


Earwires Copper, C32035 6 pr
Antique copper ear wires, with ball and coil pkg of 6 pair


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