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Arrow Head 32mm 71148 Pair
Brite Tibetan Silver Plate Arrowhead Pendant Approximately 32mm x 16mm Ring is 2.5mm Pair


Awareness Charm (Pink) 20637
Pewter Awareness Ribbon Charm w/ Pink Enamel 19mm


Awareness Ribbon Crystal 31158
Antique pewter awareness ribbon with pink Czech crystal embellishment.19mm


Kokopelli 27mm 71149 Pair
Tibetan Silver Plated Kokopelli Southwest Charm. Approximately 27mm x 23mm Hole is 2mm. Pair


SS Awareness Ribbon 15mm 20338
Sterling Silver Awareness Ribbon Charm 15 x 8mm, Each


SS Awareness Ribbon 20mm 20342
Sterling Silver Awareness Ribbon Charm 20 x 10mm, Each


SS Awareness Ribbon Charm 20480
Sterling Silver Tiny Awareness Ribbon Charm 13.7mm x 8.9mm, Each


SS Bird Charm 13mm 20957
Sterling Silver Enameled Bird Charm 13mm; Pink & Green, Each


SS Butterfly Charm 10mm 20964
Sterling Silver Enameled Butterfly Charm 10mm; Pink, Green & Blue, Each


SS Butterfly Charm 5mm 20951
Sterling Silver Enameled Butterfly Charm 5mm; Red Wings, Each


SS Butterfly Charm 9mm 20955
Sterling Silver Enameled Butterfly Charm 9mm; Yellow, Each


SS Celtic Charm 14.7mm 20483
Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Charm 14.7mm, Each


SS Cross Charm 18mm 20974
Sterling Silver Charm Cross w/ Cubic Zirconia w/ Hole (NO Jump Ring) 18mm, Each


SS Cross Charm 19.6mm 20443
Sterling Silver Cross Charm 19.6mm x 11mm, Each


SS Cross Charm 19.8mm 20536
Sterling Silver Cross, Charm Approximately 17mm x 12mm W/Jump Ring EACH


SS Cross Charm 21mm 20719
Sterling Silver Cross Charm 21mm, Each


SS Daisy Charm 17.2mm 20446
Sterling Silver Daisy Charm 17.2mm, Each


SS Dog Charm 15mm 20961
Sterling Silver Enameled Dog Charm 15mm; Yellow, Each


SS Dolphin Charm 10mm 20910
Sterling Silver Dolphin Charm 10mm x 25.5mm, Each


SS Dolphin Charm 15mm 20810
Sterling Silver Dolphin Charm 15mm; Medium, Each


SS Domed Charm FAITH 20809
Sterling Silver Domed Message Charm FAITH 11mm, Each


SS Duck Charm 16mm 20962
Sterling Silver Enameled Duck Charm 5x 16mm; White & Pink, Each


SS Elephant Charm 7mm 20952
Sterling Silver Enameled Elephant Charm 7mm; Green & Red, Each


SS Enameled Clover 15mm 20956
Sterling Silver Enameled Clover (Green) w/ Ring & Jump Ring 15mm, Each


SS Heart Charm 10.5mm 20572
Sterling Silver Small Heart Charm 10.5mm with ring, Each


SS Heart Charm 13mm 20950
Sterling Silver Enameled Puffed Heart Charm 13mm, Each


SS Heart Charm 15mm 32038
Sterling Silver Heart Charm 15mm x 15mm


SS Heart Charm 18.3mm 20932
Sterling Silver Heart Charm (with Flowers) 18.3mm, Each


SS Heart Charm 19mm 20988
Sterling Silver Best Friends Heart Charm or Pendant 19mm, Each


SS Key Charm w/ Heart 20931
Sterling Silver Key Charm with Heart 21.3mm, Each


SS Ladies Shoe Charm 22mm 20963
Sterling Silver Enameled Ladies Shoe Charm 22mm; Pink, Each


SS Ladybug Charm 13mm 20965
Sterling Silver Enameled Ladybug Charm 13mm; Mint, Each


SS Message Bead SURVIVOR 20621
Sterling Silver Message Bead with Symbol, "SURVIVOR"; Double Sided 11x 8mm, 1.8mm hole, Each


SS Message Ring HOPE 20798
Sterling Silver Message Ring HOPE 22mm, Each


SS Palm Tree Charm 20593
Sterling Silver Palm Tree Charm w/ Open Jump Ring, Each


SS Peace Charm 17mm 20985
Sterling Silver Charm Peace Symbol 17mm w/ Ring & Jump Ring, Pkg of 2


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